About Grove Roots

Our city. Our brewery. Our beer.

Whether you’re a Winter Haven native or a traveling hop head, Grove Roots exists for you. It’s your back-porch bar. Your after-work bee-line. Your homebrew away from home. There’s always something going on, and community camaraderie is always on tap. So let’s raise a glass to sun-dappled lakes, moss-draped canals and dusky, orange-blossom nights.

Why? Because this is Winter Haven, and life is good.

Meet the brewmaster

Some Pulp Nonfiction
About Joe Dunham

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Deciding to open a brewery in your hometown when you already have a successful career in a construction management firm several states away? That’s a lager of love. Thankfully, Joe had the quit-your-day-job level of passion needed to bring his Grove Roots vision—and the city’s first craft beer brewery—to life. It’s your typical Polk County boomerang story. Leave for a while, then whip back in. Determined. With zing.

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